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About my journey so far...



"we don't use our body to get into a shape, we use the shape to get into our body"

- Bernie Clarke​

In 2013 Lauren moved to New Zealand to create a life with her husband and fur babies on a rural farm Hawkes bay. She loves to dance, write poetry, explore the night sky and is deeply curious about the many layers of life.

In 2021 Lauren went on to train in  the fields of mental health and trauma aware  Yin yoga, Cacao, massage, sound journeys, laughter yoga and reiki.​ She is passionate about continuing her training, education and upskilling in the fields of mental health aware embodied practices such as somatics and movement modalities. Lauren loves bringing people together and is passionate about creating safer spaces for people to truly meet themselves where they are at.

"My aim is to provide participants with opportunities to delve into a self-empowered realm of curiosity, where they can observe, recognize, and navigate the boundaries of comfort. They are encouraged to listen to their bodies and explore at their own pace, fostering inner resilience, self-compassion, and patience for the body, mind, and soul.


I remain within the confines of my professional scope, which means I'm not here to fix, heal, or elicit emotional responses. Instead, my goal is to establish secure and supportive environments where individuals can connect with their inner landscapes in their unique time and manner, however that may manifest for them."

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