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About my journey so far...



"We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world."

Gabor Mate

Lauren Albans Founder of JourneyYin

Lauren successfully completed SomaPsychs Trauma-informed 100-hour Yin yoga teacher training in 2021 and an additional 40hrs of trauma informed facilitation training in 2022. Lauren offers a variety of somatic embodiment practices such as Sound healing, Cacao circles, Laughter yogaMyofascial release massage, reiki and Shaking medicine facilitation. Lauren creatively weaves in the power of contemplation through compassionate self enquiry through journaling, poetry and vision boards.

She went on to found JourneYin, a platform where she could incorporate all her offerings to the local community and across Aotearoa and the U.K. Her passion lies in seamlessly integrating these embodied modalities to create supportive spaces, foster community connections, and invite opportunities for individuals to regulate their nervous systems and discover personal empowerment and equilibrium.

Currently, she is progressing towards completing her 200 hours of SomaPsychs Embodied practices, social justice and system change trauma-informed modules and her Somatic dance/DJ teacher training by mid 2024.

Lauren is also currently pursuing her passion for floristry and flower farming, offering unique workshops and events for special occasions as she learns alongside and assists at her local flower farm "Blooming Flower farm" in Maraekakaho, Hawkes Bay. 

"My hope is to provide participants with opportunities to delve into a self-empowered realm of curiosity, where they can observe, recognize, and navigate their own boundaries of comfort. They are encouraged to listen to their bodies as and when they can  and explore at their own pace, fostering inner resilience, self-compassion, and patience for their body, mind, and soul.

I am not here to fix, heal, diagnose or elicit emotional responses. Having a trauma and mental health aware lens enables me to better navigate support for others  and stay within my scope of practice. My intention is to offer supportive environments where individuals can connect with their inner landscapes to self-regulate in their own unique time and way, however that unfolds for them. It is humbling and inspiring to witness others stepping into their power, whilst always growing and learning alongside community"

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