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A molinillo, is a specialised cacao whisk. It is a handcrafted wooden tool thatcan introduce air into the cacao and create creamy elixirs. The molinillorepresents the masculine energy (phallus), and is used to balance the forcesand elements in the preparation of a ceremonial cacao drink. It is anextension of the heart space and the connection of intention to the cacao.The process of whisking the cacao in an jicara (vessel); seen as a feminineenergy, to emulsify the fat, create foaming (air element or breath of life) andcombine the two energies, represents the creation of life or re-birth. The useof this tool is also a beautiful opportunity to infuse an intention or prayer intoyour cacao. Singing or chanting while whisking is encouraged.

Molinillo (cacao whisk) 23cm

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